My Favorite Piece of Despina Vandi Merchandise

Despina Vandi has lovely black hair and beautiful large dark eyes. She is a gorgeous Greek poop songstress of world renown. Now you too, know her enviable name. She looks like a femme fatale. Despina hit the music world by storm in the mid-1990s and has developed legions of followers ever since, including me. I certainly would want to own any of her merchandise. I don’t compare her with US celebrities as she is in a class of her own. She has been at the top of the charts in her home country and abroad. You will come to like her as much as I do given the opportunity to listen to her work. Her voice is to die for, her style is a delight, and her appearance magnificent. Join me in singing her praises!

Despina has had great commercial success with singles and albums alike—like Ipofero in 2000 and Allaxa many years later. She doesn’t need to produce collectibles with her image and name, but she does. If you are a fellow fan, you can find photographs and assorted items online that will help you enjoy her fame. Also check with her fan club. I don’t know which products she personally sanctions, but I do covet a backpack I saw on the Internet that celebrates her glory wonderfully well. I do have her collection of hits and most of the award-winning CDs (and there are many), so why not something I can tote around every day that reminds me of her. She is a top favorite and I don’t need an excuse to revel in her success.

The backpack is a good ladies’ choice, simple and easy, with the requisite adjustable strap and lots of pockets and compartments. The size and roominess are fine. But it’s not about that, or even what it is made out of or what shape it has. It’s about her image and what she represents. Carrying her cool backpack is a sign of respect and admiration. Those who already know Despina probably have one or two logo items, and I am introducing her to you others to do my part in expanding her international presence. Americans are just so provincial and know little about music abroad. They don’t learn foreign languages or follow the international press. There is a lack of sophistication in US taste. You are all missing a wonderful experience of the best Greece has to offer. I encourage you to take the time to download some of her most popular items and enjoy them as much as I do. Better yet, attend a live concert for a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will never forget. It will be a lesson in charisma and charm. If you are of a different vibe, the lady is just a totally sexy babe!

As a side comment, there are sites that reprint her lyrics and this is also a good way to begin your appreciation of her songs. Not all are translated, so if you have a friend or acquaintance who speaks Greek, do ask for help.

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