Moments in Time: My Life According to Despina Vandi

So I recently put together the story of my life in a slide show.  When it came time to add the music, it was a no-brainer.  Despina Vandi was the perfect pick.

“Gia” was the first song I ever heard by Despina.  I was just a teen.  My sister and I were joy-riding in her convertible.  We had the top down and jammed to the song, the words ringing in our heads as we sang along at the top of our lungs.

I was so impressed with her music, I looked up songs and found “Ipofero” which became another favorite.  It holds the record of the most CDs ever sold in Greece.  The song is about suffering and it describes a certain part of my life quite well.

It seems that Despina’s music IS the story of my life.  There is happy, sad, melancholy and edgy too.  I have always felt a connection with her but when I actually put the photos of my life to her music, it became crystal clear why I felt that way.  If you have ever related to a singer the way that I relate to Despina, they you know what I am talking about.

Despina may be half a world away from where I live and from another generation entirely, but there is something that touches my soul in her songs.  I feel like we have gone through very similar times in our lives.  Maybe those things were experienced at different times, but they we still share the feelings through her songs.  We don’t have to even speak the same language to speak the same language if you know what I mean.

“Opa Opa” and “Come Along Now” were songs I enjoyed early on in my Despina fan days.  I remember what I was doing when I heard both of the tunes.  When I listen to them now, I flashback to those days and it’s a nice feeling to remember days gone by so vividly.

I remember looking up the Greek word, “opa” and finding the meaning fascinating, mostly because it is actually very hard to describe.  It’s a Greek slang, of sorts, an expression.  One might say, “Opa” when they bump into someone or visa versa.  Another might say, “Opa”, in an awkward moment.  The meanings are many and I found my own meaning through the song.

“Come Along Now” was, in my personal opinion, written to Despina’s fans.  It seems that it was actually written and sung for me when I listen to it.  “Listen to me, become a devotee,   And let the music come through you, like electricity,” the words go.  I mean, how could that not be to her fans…to me?

I have often wondered what I would say to Despina Vandi if I met her face to face.  I think of how she might react if she saw the slide show of my life put to the music of her heart.  Would it mean anything to her like it does to me?  I sometimes think I might tell her of how I relate to her music and the events in her real life too or, maybe I would just tell her how wonderful I think she is.  Then I realize that if I met her, I would probably say nothing at all…I don’t think I would even need to say a word.  Sometimes, with some special people, it just works that way.

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