My Love For Greek Music – New & Old

I adore Greek music of all kinds.  I love the old sounds of the wooden strings and pipes.  New Greek tunes are dear to my heart because the Greek pop singer, Despina Vandi, is my favorite vocalist ever.

There’s something about ancient Greek music that is so real, it’s almost eerie to me.  It’s kind of like I was there in Greece long ago, in another life time.  There really aren’t that many pieces that are available in written form on record which is such a loss for mankind.

The ancient music was mostly done as an accompaniment to poetry which was huge in those days.  The lyre, a harp-like instrument, was often used.  While there is nothing fancy at all about ancient Greek music, it just takes me to a place I really like.  I picture myself there in the days of old with the legends of the Greek Gods.

Then there’s the Greek music that’s just old but not ancient, like the opera music. I’m not a huge fan of opera but I do like Nikolaos Mantzaros’ opera pieces and Mikis Theodorakis who is my favorite because of the behind the scene story.  Mikis music was popular in the 60’s and 70’s but was actually banned because of his rebellion and opposition to military rule.  1967-1974 was when the Juanta ruled so you can just imagine the emotions behind his music.

Greek music today cannot be beat.  It’s so lively and heartfelt, it makes me want to dance the minute I tune in…and I am not a dancer.  But then again, neither am I Greek.  “Zorba the Greek” is a classic that even those who could care less about Greek music generally know and like.  The song is in the movie of the same name which is a wonderful film.  If you haven’t seen it…you should!  Although the song has no words, you cannot help but get carried away with the instrumentals.

As I mentioned before, Despina Vandi is at the top of my list.  Her voice is angelic to me and has such a presence about it that just captivates me.

I also like Helena Paparizou who won Eurovision a few years back. She sang “My Number One” which is a great song but personally, I like “Survivor” better which is a more current hit.

Laïkó music is intriguing to me.  It’s what is played in many of the Greek night clubs.  The Laïkó sounds of today are a bit like the folksongs of the 30’s but much more developed.  If I know anything about Greek musicians it’s that they are hell-bent on improving and perfecting at all times.

If you go to a nightclub in Greece, you will surely hear Laïkó music.  It gravitates even those of us who don’t usually dance to the dance floor.  It just makes you want to move.

It was Despina Vandi who attracted me to Greek music initially.  I began to take an interest in hopes of finding more singers who sounded similar to her.  What I found, however, was that there are many great Greek musicians but they all have their unique sounds.  No two sound the same to me.  The more I listened, the more I liked it and have found a place in my heart for all Greek music, old and new.

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