The Magic Behind the Music: Why I love Despina


Despina Vandi is my idol.  I am obsessed with her music.  I am a fan of her as a person too.  Although she is Greek and I am American and she is quite a bit older than I am, I relate to her music and her personal life as well.

When I first heard Vandi, I was riding around town with my sister.  We were jamming with the radio up full blast and the convertible top down, our long hair blowing wildly in the wind.  It was then that “Gia” came on and it was love at first sound.  I fell in love with the song and adore it to this very day.  It takes me back to a much simpler place and time.

I guess it was in 2008 when I really realized how hooked I was on Despina.  I found out about her awful wreck and cried.  I later learned that she was alright and just had to be stitched up but it gave me quite a scare.

One year later, she married former soccer star, Demis Nikolaidis.  I followed all the stories about the wedding.  I knew it would only enhance her music to be so in love.

Phoebus is the composer of Despina’s music.  He is wonderful and I love how they are a real team.  They celebrate milestones together which warms my heart and makes the music even better like “10 Years Together”.  They truly make not only music, but magic, together.

Despina has the gift of reaching listeners of all genres and all generations.  She sings her heart out and no matter what language she sings in, she communicates.  That is what I love most about her is that I can relate to her, in song and in life.

When she had her two children, I grabbed every newspaper and magazine I could find with the information in it.  I did searches online and even sent presents.  I hope they made it to her and the little ones.

Another song that Is dear to me is “Opa, Opa”.  Opa is a Greek expression that has many meanings.  It is said when someone bumps into another but also can be used to when one is in an awkward moment.  It is also a shout of joy.  I find it really interesting that she put this word to song and did such a remarkable job at it.  It is internationally acclaimed and brings the endeared word to recognition, I feel.  That is a great example of how the Greek Queen of Pop can take such a personal thing and make it relatable.

I personally don’t think that Despina Vandi will ever go out of style.  She keeps up with the trends but even more than that, she is, herself, timeless.  She covers a large array of music, like rock and laiko, traditional music of Greece.  “Despina Vandi Live” is excellent because it shows her diversity.  It is a collection of her various types of music.

What makes Despina great to me is her presence on stage and her mighty and powerful vocals but also the way that she can get right into your heart.  She just has a way about her.  She is one of a kind.  Her music is fantastic but her magic makes it even better.

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