Singing Fit

A professional dancer works out every day without fail. Even weekends! It could be with a trainer, instructor, or alone. There is no muscle that doesn’t get exercised to be ready for a performance. It is more than physical fitness. That’s for the rest of us who do it to keep in shape. It is the essence of the artistic craft to stay flexible and ready to execute the most difficult of steps. Lithe and limber, a dancer is a leaping gazelle at times and an emoting human at others. What about singers? How do they keep their voices fit and toned? Is there such a thing? Yes, there is. There is also a constant need to flex the vocal cords and keep them lubricated.

Anyone who performs must be in good form mentally and physically. How else can they keep pace with the demands of their schedules? Singers who are not pro dancers still move in time to the music and create a visual presence that is magnetic. At least the best ones do. It certainly accounts for their success and popularity. They do this by rehearsing to become really good. They create an image of themselves that is more than the sum of its parts. Spectators take it all in instinctively, not knowing how the singer as a personality is formed.

Dancers have specific exercises according to the style they embody. Ballet dancers work at the barre while tap dancers hug the wood floor. Ballroom dancers stretch and reach their arms to loosen their bodies and ready themselves for their partner. Singers can utilize any technique that gives them energy and life. It might be a series of stretches including head rolls and shoulder hunches. They might work their “core” with sit ups, and their arms with pushups or perhaps use some resistance bands, because it would be tough to bring a whole gym system with them. It is all part of a process of preparation for performance. Right before a show, I know that Despina warms up with her own pattern of movements. It keeps her focused and alert. She does everything well.

I haven’t seen many performers behind the curtain, but I do know how important exercise and fitness is in the entertainment industry. Their schedules can be hectic and they need plenty of sleep and off time. No late night carousing before a tour. The more a routine is adopted faithfully, the better the end results. A big plus is how attractive one can be after practicing a workout regimen for some time. Despina is surely witness to this fact! She is gorgeous and eye-catching. Her private work has paid off. She is a marvel before our very eyes.

Everyone can avail themselves of a routine exercise program, but it is of the utmost importance to actors, dancers, singers, and the like. Singers do dance while on the stage, of course, but at the very least they move to the music groove. I give them credit for their diligence in honing their craft and giving us something great to watch and enjoy.

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