What Would Life as Despina Be Like?

Sometimes I daydream about nonsense and see myself in Despina Vandi’s shoes: talented, famous, and wealthy. Oh, to be a singing idol in a long gorgeous gown. I can well imagine what it would be like: a great life full of fame and fortune. Who wouldn’t want that? I suppose there are some negatives that go with the role of an icon. There is first and foremost a lack of privacy as the fans seek information on every detail of your life. Nothing goes unnoticed, especially given the impact of social media. Some celebs cannot take a step outside without being followed by nasty paparazzis. I also wonder if she has security guards and if she has ever felt really threatened. I have never heard of an example of harm done to her by an assailant. Nevertheless, if I were she, I would want to read a Self Defense Guide.

In the event of an attempted mugging or robbery (think of Kim Kardashian in Paris), I would want to kick the teeth in of my attacker just because it takes such audacity to threaten a star. It is such a personal invasion like no other. What audacity! I suppose I would carry a concealed weapon, but frankly I don’t see it in her case. It sounds very aggressive as if she were egging someone on, daring them to enter her private sphere. I can see her with a can of mace hidden in her pocket or purse. It works effectively, doesn’t kill like some martial arts moves, and is publicly accepted and legal.

Having a body guard, especially before, during, and after a concert is the method of choice to ensure her safety. The guard may carry a gun and will surely be well versed in hand-to-hand combat or karate. What normal person, especially a celebrity, can punch a mugger, hit the solar plexus, poke out an eye, or otherwise disarm him? Self defense is vital for a star like Miss Vandi, but I imagine she handles it with grace and ease like she does with Facebook and everything else in her life. She is the epitome of glamor and control, qualities I admire above all. She probably uses pepper spray like a pro with elegance and a good aim.

With all this daydreaming, I have suddenly become interested in learning a few key self-defense moves. You can read up online and execute the maneuvers at home. I might practice with a friend and see if it feels right. Only then, would I be ready to try something in public should the occasion arise. I won’t be a victim for anyone. I am going to write to my favorite singer and find out the truth. I will let her know that I am a self-professed martial arts beginner. I would tell her that women have to learn to take charge and not depend on others. What if her guard is knocked out by a professional boxer? Is that impossible to imagine?

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